Welcome to MEDassurance

MEDassurance ™ is a premier provider of management services to the healthcare provider and their supporting business relationships. Headquartered in Voorhees, NJ, our seasoned staff has been providing a full range of services since 1990.

Our clients’ services are designed for hospitals, health systems, physician practices and those that support these entities such as billing companies, practice management and electronic medical record system vendors located throughout the United States.

Our offerings are driven through four distinct business units:

  • Revenue Cycle Management Services
  • Strategic Management Consulting
  • Software as a Service
  • The OVEN

Our unique suite of services are all geared toward giving the healthcare provider and their support entities the tools and solutions necessary to increase the health of their businesses.

We believe healthcare is a business and its fluidity and diversity adds to its complexity. However, we also believe our creative business imagination trumps this complexity, Let’s have a chat… (800) 217-5253.

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