Dear Prospective Franchisee,

Michael DershemI appreciate your interest, and would like to help make your search a bit easier by being very direct and to the point: If you are serious about starting your own business in the healthcare industry, I am looking to team up with accomplished professional communicators who know how to step up and close a business deal.

With so many diverse choices and so much at stake in today’s highly competitive marketplace, finding the right business opportunity today is no simple task. It can be an overwhelming challenge to uncover and identify that special opportunity that most closely meets your interests, skills, talents, abilities, financial realities and long-term goals.

Several years ago I was looking for my next venture. MEDassurance seemed to be exactly what I had been looking for – a dynamic vehicle for pursuing my personal business goals through a highly lucrative opportunity in the continually expanding healthcare industry with true unlimited growth potential.

Like yourself, I also had my own research and due diligence to perform before making one of the most important business decisions of my life – which business opportunity was right for me. Once I had thoroughly studied their existing operation and the phenomenal widespread need for innovative products and services in the healthcare provider space, I soon understood the remarkable long-term profit potential in successfully servicing such an enormous and on-going marketplace, so I bought the company.

Our company keeps operating costs low while at the same time maintaining the highest quality performance by centralizing our processing operation. In order to service the widest possible client base, we are actively creating a nationwide franchised network of talented communicators who understand how to establish a professional relationship, aren’t afraid to ask for an initial test order and will provide outstanding customer service in order to retain clients and enjoy residual payments through on-going orders.

Hopefully, that’s what you can bring to the table.

I invite you to explore this franchise section and make note of any initial questions that come to mind. Once you have reviewed each informative page and understand what we are looking for in our franchise candidates, you can submit your request for further information and consideration via the Contact Us link.

Thank you for you for your time, interest and careful consideration of our ground-floor franchise opportunity. I look forward to your prompt response and initial questions.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael K. Dershem
CEO of MEDassurance

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