Transforming the Way Healthcare-Related Businesses Attract and Transact!

Just as in nature, sustained success in business is often found in uncovering an unfulfilled need or untapped niche, recognizing it as a valuable opportunity to achieve long-term goals, and then filling that ongoing need via a mutually beneficial business relationship.

The challenge, therefore, is first discovering an untapped opportunity in a strong growth industry with a real potential for long-term sustainable financial rewards, and then addressing that opportunity in a way that is effective, affordable and consistently profitable.

Most industry experts agree that healthcare is, and will remain for quite some time, a thriving industry that will continue its unprecedented growth due to a rapidly and continually expanding patient base, particularly the aging baby boomers.

The question, therefore, is how can individual entrepreneurs take advantage of this incredibly massive, highly lucrative and continually growing recession-proof industry?

The answer is MEDassurance. If you are truly serious about business ownership in the booming healthcare industry, you need to read and consider the following details about this innovative opportunity in its entirety, and then take prompt action by submitting your request for more free information about becoming a MEDassurance franchisee.

A Serious Continuing Problem Facing Virtually All Healthcare Providers Today

Regardless of the size or specific focus of their practice, the fact is healthcare providers continually face many serious challenges in administrating the business of their practice. Chief among these are numerous critically important on-going communication needs that must be properly and consistently addressed in a thoroughly professional manner that is effective, efficient and non-offensive to their often-sensitive patients.

The reality of the business of healthcare is that there’s always vital patient communications to be delivered, health insurance claims to be handled, and outstanding debts to be recovered in order for a healthcare provider’s practice to be economically healthy and survive in an increasingly expensive business environment.

The problem facing most healthcare providers is the devastating combination of ever-shrinking reimbursements combined with continually heightened internal costs is putting enormous pressure on doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other providers. With such serious fiscal challenges, today’s frustrated healthcare professionals frequently complain of the extraordinary amount of time they now must spend on the business of their practice due to constantly growing administrative regulations and responsibilities. In addition to significant associated costs, each patient reminder, each outstanding patient bill, each non-deliverable returned letter due to people constantly moving, all take away from precious available time that needs to be spent, that should be spent, on actual patient care.

Finally – a Reliable Proven Solution that Users will Actually Use!

MEDassurance has created a multi-faceted, multi-revenue stream driven franchise opportunity that helps solve some of the most serious ongoing problems facing today’s healthcare professionals today.

  • Increases Cash Flow
  • Increases Revenues
  • Reduces Administrative Costs
  • Increase Operation Efficiencies
  • Improves Productivity of Internal Staff

Now, with your help, dedicated caring healthcare providers can better focus their attention and time on treating patients instead of dealing with non-stop administrative problems. With MEDassurance on their side, the business of healthcare runs much more effectively, efficiently, and, most importantly, consistently more profitably.

Best of all, we can accomplish all of this and more at a fraction of the cost they are currently incurring for much more limited and uncontrollable services, and still enjoy an extremely attractive profit margin for both MEDassurance and our franchises!

Reliable, Controllable and Fully Customized Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our fully automated services help healthcare providers better manage their patient communications, reduce outstanding debt, and increase overall revenues.

Pre-collections services include patient payment plan billing, resubmit and claim denials, automated patient calls, payment web portal sites and returned mail services.

Collection services include insurance and patient balances on a one-time basis and/or monthly ongoing AR management.

Each healthcare client has the ability to fully control the frequency and content of every communication sent to their patient base. Instead of simply turning over delinquent accounts to a company with a vested interest in recovering as much money as possible by any means deemed necessary, MEDassurance now allows each healthcare provider to truly control the entire billing and notification process including the actual verbiage of the message being sent as well as the frequency of patient notification.

With MEDassurance’s thoroughly professional and consistently respectful approach, patients can now deal promptly and positively with their financial obligations without being annoyed or insulted by an uncaring, at times even abusive, collection agency. They understand their healthcare provider cares about them, and are willing to work with them in properly resolving outstanding business issues.

The end result is a more financially healthy healthcare practice, as well as a positive, healthy on-going patient/provider relationship where everyone is working together without disrespectful threats or unnecessary and excessive financial losses.

A Mutually Beneficial and Highly Rewarding Franchise Opportunity

MEDassurance has created an innovative, proven, and surprisingly affordable franchise system where everyone involved benefits:

Healthcare providers can dramatically improve the bottom line of their business, and as a direct result of having such important administrative functions being handled automatically, can now take advantage of greater available time to concentrate on the health and well being of their valued patients.
Patients can more easily communicate with their healthcare provider, more efficiently schedule follow up appointments, and promptly resolve their outstanding financial obligations without being insulted or annoyed.

MEDassurance can quickly build an impressive nationwide operation profitably servicing literally thousands of healthcare providers and service companies.

And, if accepted as a franchisee, YOU can enjoy a truly long-term professional income potential with very high profit margins, yet without the need for expensive equipment or staffing requirements, and with no limits placed upon your future growth potential… and all at a very attractive initial investment that is a fraction of many franchise opportunities today with significantly less earnings and long-term unlimited growth potential in a highly demanded, always necessary industry.

Your Role in this Innovative Franchise Opportunity

If accepted as an authorized franchisee, you will be the face of our company to all healthcare providers in your protected area. It will be your responsibility and challenge to introduce MEDassurance’s innovative package of services to doctors, hospital administrators and various healthcare providers.

Instead of a hard-sell approach, we prefer you educate prospective clients about how you can help them to operate more effectively, efficiently and ultimately much more profitably with the products and services provided by MEDassurance.

Once you have successfully created and established, you will focus on retaining and maintaining your growing client base. This includes continuing follow-up relationship-building communications, explaining new products and services, and, of course, providing outstanding customer service to all your clients.

While you are busy generating new clients and more business, MEDassurance will systematically take care of all back-office functions on your behalf. With our fully automated and completely customized products and services helping to make your clients businesses run more efficiently and consistently more profitably, your reputation, referrals, and rewards keep growing and growing.

An Attractively Priced Franchise with Low Operating Costs & Unlimited Potential

While the potential for exceptional long-term rewards is quite strong with this innovative franchise opportunity, it has been carefully designed to be easy to start up, simple to operate, and surprisingly affordable in terms of both low initial investment and modest on-going related operational costs.

You can actually start and operate this business from a spare room in your own home. All you need to get started is a desk, filing cabinet, a fax/copier, some basic office supplies, a dedicated cell phone, and a strong determination to succeed.

Included with this comprehensive franchise opportunity is a fully loaded laptop computer that is all set up and ready for immediate operation. This powerful tool will allow you to quickly create and organize your new business, and even includes an informative polished power-point presentation to help make your job even easier.

There’s no immediate need for a secretary, bookkeeper or other costly office personal. As the size and scope of your business grows, you may eventually choose to expand your operation into a small office space, but that decision will be based on your business success and will be yours and yours alone to make when the time is right.

A Dependable Franchise Partner in Your Success

MEDassurance provides a methodical, thoroughly professional and completely automated service that is carefully customized to meet both the short and long-term needs of the provider without jeopardizing vital doctor/patient relationships.

Each client controls the method, content, and frequency of the communication being sent to patients. Because the service is provided at a pre-set rate, there is no pressure to generate revenues by any means possible. Patients are not subject to undue pressure, intimidating language or disrespectful attitudes. Instead they are treated with respect and understanding.

With a dependable, systematic, and respectful approach to patient communications, healthcare providers enjoy better patient relations and retention. They also can take advantage of more available time to spend on patient care instead of billing problems. This makes their business more profitable and pleasant to operate.

In addition, once we prove the value of our initial service to clients you bring on board, there are many other highly attractive ways we can help improve their business. Naturally, you will be well rewarded for each additional product and service used by clients you generate. These on-going payments and commissions continue throughout your involvement with our franchise.

As you open bigger, more lucrative accounts, we stand ready to help you promote our services. Our highly experienced support and administration staff will even make detailed professional presentations on your behalf to top corporate executives and accounts that you have established, and you still receive full commissions and payments that can continue for years to come!

With MEDassurance providing top quality support and on-going residual payments, there are truly no limits on your success. You bring the business to the table, and we will do our very best to ensure your clients remain happy, productive and more profitable.

Simply put, you can concentrate on what you do best, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Busting the Myths About Management Services in the Healthcare Industry

Many healthcare providers have heard or even experienced numerous common problems associated with outsourcing important administrative functions. The biggest concern often involves incurring substantial cost to their bottom line for what can be mediocre results at best, but even more troubling is the strong possibility of a costly negative impact on their vital on-going relationship with patients who are often easily offended.

MEDassurance, however, uses an innovative, automated, and fully controllable lower cost approach that consistently delivers:

  • Successful collection of outstanding debt in a compassionate, non-evasive manner
  • Efficient, effective collections via the Internet without substantial up-front costs
  • Prompt and surprisingly affordable identification of current and new addresses
  • Automated, controlled, and reliable low-cost patient appointment reminders
  • Patients treated with dignity and respect become engaged and cooperative, instead of constant problems and substantial costs for little positive results, MEDassurance effectively resolves some of the most serious and continually recurring administrative challenges at significantly less cost and aggravation, while at the same time always treating patients in a respectful, consistently professional manner.

Remember, anyone can experience temporary difficulties in resolving an outstanding bill, but everyone will require continuing healthcare services throughout their lifetime. Caring healthcare providers would much rather use a system where patients are treated with respect, dignity and have the ability to deal with their responsibilities in an prompt, appropriate manner that allows the critically important provider/patient relationship to continue in a mutually positive and cooperative manner for many years to come.

We Need Serious Communication Pros Who Know How to Ask for Business!

The business of taking care of people’s health and well-being is a very serious one. When taken seriously, the rewards can be exceptionally attractive.

We are currently seeking talented and skilled professional communicators who truly serious about business ownership, and are able to create, maintain and retain a consistently growing client base of healthcare providers and related service companies.

It takes more than simply the ability to explain what we offer and why working with MEDassurance will be highly beneficial to prospective clients.

  • You will need the dedication, self-motivation and determination to succeed as your own boss who is responsible for identifying, approaching and opening new accounts.
  • You will need superior professional communication skills that can capture both the attention and instant respect of your highly professional prospective client base.
  • You will need the confidence and courage to step up and ask for an opportunity to prove our effectiveness in a carefully controlled demonstration order.
  • You will need to be well organized and systematic about maintaining good client relations, providing the best possible customer service, and a constant focus on retaining your client base in order to realize the best long-term earnings potential.
  • Yes, we will expect a great deal from you, and, you, in turn, should also expect a substantial professional compensation for exceptional abilities, effort and productivity.

Your Next Step

We appreciate your interest in learning more about your future growth potential with our innovative ground–floor opportunity.

If you are a true closer, someone who’s unafraid to ask for a chance to earn a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship, then it’s time for you to step up to a better future by requesting further information about our ground-floor opportunity.

You will be under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever when you complete and submit your franchise information request form.

Once your request has been received, an authorized franchise consultant will contact you directly in order to provide more information and answer your initial questions about MEDassurance’s innovative franchise opportunity. We would also like to learn more about you including your background, interests, abilities and long-term goals.

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