June 25, 2015


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At this point in the franchise process it is critically important for you to gather as much information as needed in order for you to make a fully informed, well thought out business decision that is best for your situation, interests, and long-term financial goals. To that end, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible, so that we can provide answers your immediate questions, further information about the various revenue cycle management product and services offered by MEDassurance, and supply the important disclosure and legal documentation (all without any cost or obligation whatsoever to you). During this brief conversation we would like to get to know you better and explore the potential for a mutually beneficial and rewarding long-term business relationship.

First and foremost, superior communication skills. We are not looking for common “order takers”. We need confident closers who know how to get past the gatekeepers and obstacles, and aren’t afraid to ask for business. It is important to understand that our clients often have diverse backgrounds and experiences. Most will be well educated, very experienced, and concerned about real solutions to real business problems. We can teach you just about everything needed to create, maintain and retain your client base, but in the end, it will be you who will be the face of our company in the field. Therefore, the ideal MEDassurance franchisee will possess the ability to develop and perfect the skills, insights and confidence necessary to communicate with serious professionals in a consistently professional manner that will be both respected and persuasive. In addition, franchisees should possess a professional appearance and demeanor, be detail-oriented, be willing to follow a proven business system, dedicated to exceptional customer service, and determined to achieve long-term success by always giving his or her very best effort in continually growing the size and scope of this dynamic franchise opportunity.

MEDassurance stands ready, willing and able to help you land the really big ones. In fact, we have our own in-house National Accounts Manager who is specifically trained to present and explain our many products and services to corporate prospects representing very large healthcare organizations. With our expert help and support, executive decision makers will have all their questions answered, understand all the many attractive benefits and advantages we offer, and, most importantly, will be very impressed by how quickly MEDassurance can make a big positive impact on their bottom line. Best of all, you still receive a full continuing annuity-type residual payments for each major account you bring to the table regardless of how much help you required in securing the account! When you stop to consider just how lucrative such a major on-going revenue cycle management accounts can be in the long run, franchising with MEDassurance offers a much more attractive, exciting and mutually rewarding long-term business opportunity.

While healthcare experience can help open some doors due to existing positive relationships, it is truly not necessary or required. What is much more important is your talents, skills and abilities as a professional communicator as that is truly what your role in this system encompasses. Your role is to be the one who opens the door, establishes the initial relationship, and provides superior ongoing customer service in order to properly maintain the valuable relationship you have created with each of your clients. When you consider the extensive prospect list of potential clients who need and would appreciate the value of the numerous revenue cycle management products and services MEDassurance offers, you should quickly understand that being a good educator and communicator are much more valuable in the final analysis than simply having healthcare experience. If you are confident in your communication skills, you’ll find we too are completely confident in our ability to excel in providing outstanding franchise support and fulfilling all the activity you can generate.

We begin at our corporate headquarters in Voorhees, NJ with an intense detail-oriented, step-by-step education of the array of products and services that MEDassurance offers. You will also learn the best ways to identify and approach ideal client candidates, how to secure new accounts, how to maintain existing accounts, and, perhaps most importantly, how to retain existing accounts. We’ll teach you all the necessary systems and procedures, so that you can communicate confidently about revenue cycle management with each client and prospective new client. Once you have successfully completed your initial training, we continue your education throughout your association with MEDassurance. Our dedicated, highly experienced support staff stands ready to assist you in getting your business off to a great start, expanding the scope of your marketing, properly servicing your client base, promoting new products and services, and, of course, answering your many questions regarding owning and operating this remarkable franchise opportunity.

YES, and with complete confidence! Our support staff stands ready to help, assist and fulfill the various customized revenue cycle management products and services that you have explained and established with your clients. In fact, exceptional client service and processing is the essential foundation of this franchise offering. We have the technology, systems and experienced staff to provide outstanding, dependable support that you can always rely on, even for the most demanding clients. Remember, we will rely on you continually bringing new clients to our rapidly growing customer base, and in turn, you will rely on us to meet their needs, exceed their expectations, and suggest new and innovative ways to help their businesses continue to thrive. We will unquestionably be a team, and if we give our best in working towards a common goal, the potential for mutually sustainable success is as unlimited as the widespread continually recurring need for the products and services that MEDassurance excels at providing on a daily basis.

MEDassurance offers a wide range of revenue cycle management products and services, all designed to help healthcare related businesses run more effectively and efficiently. While there are many diverse individuals and organizations that would find MEDassurance quite useful in expanding the scope and revenues of their business, the primary market for our ever-expanding products and service offerings includes:

  • Physician Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare systems
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Healthcare Software Vendors
  • Chiropractors and Dentists

Remember, we place no limits on your success, so you can reach out to a wide variety of professionals and businesses who are interested in increasing their bottom line and reducing excessive on-going costs. With so much need, so many prospective clients to contact, and numerous additional complementing revenue cycle management products and services for your client’s consideration, the long-term potential of your MEDassurance franchise is truly unlimited.

Because demographic realities can vary substantially from one regional area to another, MEDassurance prefers to define the actual size of your protected territory based upon the most important relevant factors including the number of doctor offices, medical centers, hospitals, rehab facilities, and even medical billing companies currently operating in your targeted area. We understand that it is essential you have sufficient room to grow and maintain long-term successful operation, so we will ensure that each franchisee is confident that his or her territory is both of suitable size and fully protected.

Surprisingly little. Since MEDassurance handles all processing and fulfillment for your clients on your behalf, the only required equipment is a copier with fax capabilities and brand new laptop computer (which will already be pre-loaded our exclusive and proprietary program). Simply put, it’s a ready-to-go business in an electronic box. This will allow you to quickly become well organized, thoroughly prepared and ready for immediate business activities. As time and the scope of your business activities progresses, you may choose to invest in some basic office equipment and other related items.

No. In fact, this business opportunity has been specifically designed for those who prefer to keep initial costs low by working out of their own home office. As the scope and size of their business grows, aggressive franchisees may choose to become dual franchisees in order to secure more and larger territories, and as a result will be required to obtain a small office space and perhaps a modest support staff to help properly service a rapidly growing widespread client base with diverse and continuing revenue cycle management needs.