When considering business ownership, ask yourself what other franchise opportunity can offer so many highly attractive benefits and competitive advantages in such a widespread vital industry with so many critically important on-going service needs. Not only does MEDassurance offer all of these incredible highlights and benefits… we do so at a fraction of what it would normally cost you to open your own business or even buy another franchise with far less earnings and long-term growth potential!

  • Very Attractive Pricing and Profit Margins
  • Complementing Multi-Revenue Streams
  • Continuing Residual Annuity-Stream Payments
  • Comprehensive Franchise Opportunity
  • Dedicated On-Going Franchise Service & Support
  • Extensive Detail-Oriented Training Program
  • Dependable Back-Office Fulfillment
  • Targeted Prospect Identification and Marketing Assistance
  • New Products and Services Development
  • Attractive Protected Territories
  • Highly Motivated Franchise Team
  • Very Attractive Pricing and Profit Margins

MEDassurance employs an innovative “a la carte” pricing system that charges clients for the exact products and services they require. Instead of being forced to give up a substantial percentage of revenues eventually generated and recovered by a third party, our clients contract in advance for a small charge for each individual patient contact. Volume-based revenues featuring per-item pricing allows clients to reduce expenses, increase revenues, and, most importantly, have more available time to focus on patient care instead of administrative headaches. This mutually beneficial arrangement is repeated time and again, and with more clients come more orders, more earnings, and higher profits. Using carefully controlled state-of-the-art technology, our innovative system is designed for large scale operation that keeps user costs low, but still generates very attractive profit margins for both our company and our growing franchisee network.

Complementing Multi-Revenue Streams

While the widespread need for revenue cycle accelerators can often create the opportunity to open the door and introduce MEDassurance to new clients through a low-cost demonstration of effectiveness, it is outstanding results, exceptional customer service and a variety of highly beneficial complementary products and services that eventually builds an initial test order into a long-term, mutually rewarding business relationship. These include such lucrative often-repeated services as mass mailings, mass faxing, direct mail, voice mail, live receptionist assistance, and much more. With our complementing services and products and a strong commitment to exceptional customer service, the potential for repeat business with annuity type residual commissions becomes much stronger making our multi-faceted franchise opportunity even more impressive.

Continuing Residual Annuity-Stream Payments

One of the most attractive long-term benefits offered by MEDassurance’s innovative franchise opportunity is the ability to generate and receive on-going commissions from each franchisee’s clientele. These residual payments will continue throughout the franchisee’s involvement with MEDassurance regardless of how often, recent or specific the communication between client and franchisee. Simply put, once a franchisee creates and establishes a client relationship, he or she gets paid for every MEDassurance product or service that the client orders. These on-going annuity stream payments are why it’s so important to not only initiate a business relationship with a healthcare provider, but to also maintain that valuable relationship with outstanding customer service and periodic communication. Remember, prime candidates for our products and services are very serious, often thriving, on-going businesses that are always going to be concerned about operating efficiently, communicating effectively with their patients, and improving their bottom line wherever and whenever possible. With MEDassurance, the first order is merely our invitation to take continuing advantage of our proven revenue cycle acceleration programs which help clients reduce overall costs, improve cash flow and, most importantly, allow providers to operate more profitably with less headaches and administrative demands on their time.

Comprehensive Franchise Opportunity

Starting a new business can be challenging. It is natural for first-time or even experienced entrepreneurs to feel worried and concerned about all that goes into getting a new business up and running towards successful on-going operation. Our innovative franchise system offers a comprehensive business opportunity that includes all necessary equipment, training and back-office support required to create your new business. MEDassurance has taken great effort and care to ensure each aspect of this franchise opportunity has been well thought out, thoroughly researched, refined and included in a systematic, easy to create and operate fashion. It also provides the reassurance of knowing there won’t be any major unexpected expenses or oversights in getting your new business off the ground and heading towards long-term profitable operation.

Dedicated On-Going Franchise Service & Support

MEDassurance’s primary mission is to consistently deliver superior service. While keeping clients happy, financially healthy and well cared for is obviously important, we are equally dedicated to providing outstanding service and support to our franchisees. To that end we provide a highly experienced franchise support staff to answer questions, offer marketing assistance, help resolve any operational issues or problems, and even assist with larger-size prospect presentations. With a team of dedicated, experienced and action-oriented support personnel constantly working for them behind the scenes, dependable help and support is quickly available to all franchisees by either phone or email during normal business hours. Instead of feeling “out there all alone”, MEDassurance franchisees can enjoy the strength and confidence that comes from knowing they are part of a dedicated team working together to achieve long-term financial success.

Extensive Detail-Oriented Training Program

When dealing with highly educated professionals, it is critically important to be quickly perceived as articulate, well informed, courteous, respectful, to the point, responsive to questions, and ready for prompt action. Broken down into easy to understand concepts for rapid comprehension, our exclusive training program is carefully designed to give you all the knowledge, insights and continuing training support required to help you become an “instant expert” in revenue cycle management. In a surprisingly short period of time you will be able to stand before doctors, office administrators, even executive directors of multi-million dollar healthcare operations and confidently introduce and explain how MEDassurance can make their business operate more effectively, efficiently, and, most importantly, much more profitably. In addition to educating you about our innovative products and systems, we will also teach you step by step how to create your new business, get it started, and work towards increasing the size of your client base through target marketing and proven results. Your initial training is only the beginning. As you progress in your new business, new prospects will bring new opportunities, and with them come new questions that need prompt answers from your dedicated support team. We stand ready to continually help you master the right answers, understand all key concepts and be able to confidently able to explain all the details to your ever-growing client base.

Dependable Back-Office Fulfillment

While you will be the face of our operation in the field, MEDassurance will be your processing partner behind the scenes. With two decades of successful operation in servicing a wide range of clients, we now stand ready to handle all back office functions on your behalf in a responsible, professional and consistently dependable manner. Regardless of the size or scope of your clients’ needs, you can confidently depend on MEDassurance’s proven track record in providing exceptional service and results throughout your involvement with our franchise opportunity.

Targeted Prospect Identification and Marketing Assistance

To help you get off to a great start, and then maintain that momentum on your path to long-term sustained success, MEDassurance will assist you in identifying prime candidates in your area. We will also help you learn, understand and implement a powerful target marketing campaign so that you can systematically focus upon the best candidates for your initial clientele. Building upon these early successes, we’ll teach and assist you in reaching out to more and more ideal prospects. While grateful clients help spread the good word about how you have helped their businesses, we’ll also help guide you in growing your client base and approaching even bigger accounts with tremendous earnings potential.

New Products and Services Development

While what we have already developed and implemented is already more than sufficient for a very long and highly successful business for both MEDassurance and our franchisees, it is only the beginning in what we envision in revolutionizing the way healthcare providers run their business, reduce their expenses, and improve their bottom line. We have created many highly desirable and beneficial products and services, and are currently hard at work at adding to our impressive professional service offerings. Each new product or service means more earnings opportunities for our franchisees, and more benefits and rewards for an already impressed client base.

Attractive Protected Territories

MEDassurance ensures franchisees are treated fairly and properly protected by carefully researching and determining that each designated franchise area has approximately the same number of targeted prospects. This means that while some areas will be larger in geographic terms, franchisees in more densely populated area enjoy the same potential and protection as those in less developed areas because they are all focusing on a similar number of prospects and clients. No other franchise will be allowed to market in your protected area, and we are committed to helping you maximize the potential of each valuable prospective client within your territory.

Highly Motivated Franchise Team

MEDassurance has the skills, technology and ability to service and help literally tens of thousands of healthcare providers who are currently facing very difficult financial challenges and would be receptive to a trial demonstration of our revenue accelerating programs. The future earnings potential from such a vast and continually necessary industry is simply unlimited. Therefore, everyone at MEDassurance, from our top executives to our support staff to our back office processing personnel, are all fully committed and incredibly motivated to put forth our very best effort in providing outstanding service, innovative products and services, and consistently dependable fulfillment of each order generated through our franchisee network. As they become more successful, everyone at MEDassurance benefits with a growing client base and increasing positive revenues.

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